Vote The List Sex Issue as Scottish Cover of the Decade

The List's Sex Issue from early 2011 has been included alongside 11 other magazines as the potential "Scottish Magazine Cover of the Decade". This is especially exciting, to me at least, as I bloomin' drew the dirty drawing on the cover.

The winner, which will be decided by public vote, will be announced at a swanky awards ceremony on the 25th of October with voting closing the day before on the 24th. Everybody gets 1 vote per day so, y'know, make your voice heard. Together we can make a difference. Vote here.

Seriously though, if you pick mine (or share this info), I will be super, duper grateful. Thanks to everyone who has already voted and thanks to the guys at The List for getting me involved in the first place. Cheers x

Fence's Flamin' Hott Loggz Poster

Fence's Flamin' Hott Loggz Poster

Again I am delighted to have been allowed to help out the Fence Collective with another poster design. This time it's for a Guy Fawkes shindig up at their Anstruther HQ. Johnny 'Pictish Trail' Lynch asked if I could come up with something suitably silly to illustrate his 'Gunpowder, Treason and… Plop' Bonfire Night theme.

My time was quite tight but, thankfully, the brief kinda suited something being a little rough around the edges. Taking a cue from my What I Wore Today drawings, I cranked out this pair of beardy fellows and a titular hott-logg and things just came together. This is actually my first ever fully hand-drawn poster design, which took me a little by surprise. The colouring was added digitally but apart from that, it's all pens and paper. Getting text to sit well with my drawings is something I've always struggled with.

As with all Fence events, I wholeheartedly recommend you get your arse along to the Hott Loggz party if at all possible. Fence Records consistently put out some of Scotland's finest music and their live gigs are a joy to witness. Recently I've caught a little sneak-listen to some upcoming releases and, honestly, if you follow what they do, you're in for a treat. Here are the details:

Fence's Flamin' Hott Loggz
An all-day (2pm - 1am) event of music & excitement
Saturday, 5th November
Anstruther, Fife, Scotland
Featuring a yet-to-be-announced line-up of Fence Collective members + friends.

Tickets are available here.

I'm gonna try my best to head up for the show. Despite the promise of a bonfire, a Scottish seaside in November will be damn cold, so wrap up warm.

What I Wore Today 2


This is my second What I Wore Today drawing for this blog. If you don't understand, there is a Flickr group here started by the illustrator Gemma Correll that accepts open submissions of self-portraits depicting the clothes you're currently wearing. I have been posting up my artwork there for quite a while now and I find it provides a perfect little mini-project for those times I'm suffering from block or simply just want to make something. Go have a look, there's some amazing stuff from more serious fashion illustration to more dorky, humorous stuff.

I just battered this illustration together quickly. It's not great, but it's better than nothing and, quite frankly, I did it just as an excuse to draw. I need practise. I need practise drawing and I need practise writing (I would like to be a really good writer). You don't get out of a lull by sitting about watching telly and you don't make better art by not making any art. Putting together a self-portrait gets you into a kinda reflective mode and it almost seems like it might be appropriate to accompany such drawings with a personal, diary-like post but I'm not sure if that's a good idea.

Ah, I dunno. Maybe it is a good idea. Maybe every time I draw myself, I'll write a little something about my life. Hell, I could make it up if it feels too personal or honest. Righto David. Starting now, with this picture and these words, I'm gonna go into autobiography mode with my What I Wore Today drawings and this decision, while not exactly soul-searching, is plenty for this evening.

The Idler: Church, Steeple, People

Church, Steeple, People

Quite a wee while ago now I was asked to illustrate the writer David Boyle's essay Small Is Spendid for The Idler. Today, I received my copy and was happy to see my drawing Church, Steeple, People right there on page 52.

I always find it crazy to see my work in a publication. It never gets old. Sometimes it makes me really happy. Other times, when I'm not particularly happy with my work, I find it to be quite a heart-wrenching procedure. Thankfully this time it turned out pretty good. I was really worried about seeing this illustration again because it came from quite a dark patch, work-wise, when I was pretty unhappy with everything I was putting out and in need of a break (or a slap). The thought of anything from my 'crappy period' being out in public, especially in an edition of something as beautiful as The Idler, kinda bummed me out. Now I'm feeling better about things, I'm glad I did it.

The Idler Illustration

So yeah, the latest issue of The Idler, Mind Your Business, is out now and can be picked up on their online shop here or at all good, um, Idler stockists I guess. It is a beautifully put together book-like magazine full of interesting and funny comics, essays, interviews and more. I've not had a chance to flick through it yet but I imagine it'll be living on my bedside cabinet for some time to come.

The Idler 44

This illustration marks a little transition for me. While I might have changed it a little had I to do it over, conceptually, I think it's really strong in the context of David's essay. I got away with it! I can now finally say goodbye to a period of (mild) doubt, (mild) stress and (mild) misery and take a step or two towards a more productive and happy chapter in my life. Always forwards, never backwards.

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The List: Sex Issue

I've put together a few drawings for the latest issue of The List. It's the sex issue so, y'know, there's entendres doubling-up all over the place. The deadline was quite a short one and there was quite a few drawings needed so I'm still undecided whether I got away with it or not - I hope I did. A learning experience through-and-through. The weirdest part is that Alex & I are now officially cover stars thanks to our modelling for the image above. Brilliant!

I was super happy to be asked to work on the project. Getting to draw balls for a living is a dream, of sorts. The rest of the illustrations will make their way to my website eventually - in the meantime, pick up the magazine from all good newsagents and have a gander. Inside you'll find all sorts of secrets from behind the closed curtains of good, honest Scottish people.

Right, I've got to get back to work. I'm putting together something I'm very excited about. Fingers-crossed I don't arse it up. It should be up on this old blog by the end of the week for your eyes (...and ears!) to form an opinion on.

The List Student Guide

If you're a student, and in particular, a student in Scotland, keep your eyes out for the new Student Guide magazine by The List. They should be around in all sorts of campuses (campi?), unions and other student-friendly places. I was asked to provide a few drawings for the issue, including that fella above.

I've not actually seen a copy myself but I've heard reports that it's out there now. Inside is all sorts of useful information about student life and stuff to do in Scotland (wear a kilt, play bagpipes, smoke heroin etc). I think it's free but don't quote me on that. Check before you stuff it in your bag and end up in the jail.

I now have an updated page showing both character illustrations.