The List: Sex Issue

I've put together a few drawings for the latest issue of The List. It's the sex issue so, y'know, there's entendres doubling-up all over the place. The deadline was quite a short one and there was quite a few drawings needed so I'm still undecided whether I got away with it or not - I hope I did. A learning experience through-and-through. The weirdest part is that Alex & I are now officially cover stars thanks to our modelling for the image above. Brilliant!

I was super happy to be asked to work on the project. Getting to draw balls for a living is a dream, of sorts. The rest of the illustrations will make their way to my website eventually - in the meantime, pick up the magazine from all good newsagents and have a gander. Inside you'll find all sorts of secrets from behind the closed curtains of good, honest Scottish people.

Right, I've got to get back to work. I'm putting together something I'm very excited about. Fingers-crossed I don't arse it up. It should be up on this old blog by the end of the week for your eyes (...and ears!) to form an opinion on.