Vote The List Sex Issue as Scottish Cover of the Decade

The List's Sex Issue from early 2011 has been included alongside 11 other magazines as the potential "Scottish Magazine Cover of the Decade". This is especially exciting, to me at least, as I bloomin' drew the dirty drawing on the cover.

The winner, which will be decided by public vote, will be announced at a swanky awards ceremony on the 25th of October with voting closing the day before on the 24th. Everybody gets 1 vote per day so, y'know, make your voice heard. Together we can make a difference. Vote here.

Seriously though, if you pick mine (or share this info), I will be super, duper grateful. Thanks to everyone who has already voted and thanks to the guys at The List for getting me involved in the first place. Cheers x

The List Student Guide

If you're a student, and in particular, a student in Scotland, keep your eyes out for the new Student Guide magazine by The List. They should be around in all sorts of campuses (campi?), unions and other student-friendly places. I was asked to provide a few drawings for the issue, including that fella above.

I've not actually seen a copy myself but I've heard reports that it's out there now. Inside is all sorts of useful information about student life and stuff to do in Scotland (wear a kilt, play bagpipes, smoke heroin etc). I think it's free but don't quote me on that. Check before you stuff it in your bag and end up in the jail.

I now have an updated page showing both character illustrations.