What I Wore Today 2


This is my second What I Wore Today drawing for this blog. If you don't understand, there is a Flickr group here started by the illustrator Gemma Correll that accepts open submissions of self-portraits depicting the clothes you're currently wearing. I have been posting up my artwork there for quite a while now and I find it provides a perfect little mini-project for those times I'm suffering from block or simply just want to make something. Go have a look, there's some amazing stuff from more serious fashion illustration to more dorky, humorous stuff.

I just battered this illustration together quickly. It's not great, but it's better than nothing and, quite frankly, I did it just as an excuse to draw. I need practise. I need practise drawing and I need practise writing (I would like to be a really good writer). You don't get out of a lull by sitting about watching telly and you don't make better art by not making any art. Putting together a self-portrait gets you into a kinda reflective mode and it almost seems like it might be appropriate to accompany such drawings with a personal, diary-like post but I'm not sure if that's a good idea.

Ah, I dunno. Maybe it is a good idea. Maybe every time I draw myself, I'll write a little something about my life. Hell, I could make it up if it feels too personal or honest. Righto David. Starting now, with this picture and these words, I'm gonna go into autobiography mode with my What I Wore Today drawings and this decision, while not exactly soul-searching, is plenty for this evening.