The Idler: Church, Steeple, People

Church, Steeple, People

Quite a wee while ago now I was asked to illustrate the writer David Boyle's essay Small Is Spendid for The Idler. Today, I received my copy and was happy to see my drawing Church, Steeple, People right there on page 52.

I always find it crazy to see my work in a publication. It never gets old. Sometimes it makes me really happy. Other times, when I'm not particularly happy with my work, I find it to be quite a heart-wrenching procedure. Thankfully this time it turned out pretty good. I was really worried about seeing this illustration again because it came from quite a dark patch, work-wise, when I was pretty unhappy with everything I was putting out and in need of a break (or a slap). The thought of anything from my 'crappy period' being out in public, especially in an edition of something as beautiful as The Idler, kinda bummed me out. Now I'm feeling better about things, I'm glad I did it.

The Idler Illustration

So yeah, the latest issue of The Idler, Mind Your Business, is out now and can be picked up on their online shop here or at all good, um, Idler stockists I guess. It is a beautifully put together book-like magazine full of interesting and funny comics, essays, interviews and more. I've not had a chance to flick through it yet but I imagine it'll be living on my bedside cabinet for some time to come.

The Idler 44

This illustration marks a little transition for me. While I might have changed it a little had I to do it over, conceptually, I think it's really strong in the context of David's essay. I got away with it! I can now finally say goodbye to a period of (mild) doubt, (mild) stress and (mild) misery and take a step or two towards a more productive and happy chapter in my life. Always forwards, never backwards.

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