Christmas Shopping

Here's a gentle reminder that, hint hint, I've got a little online shop with all sorts of prints and things and, hint hint, it happens to be December. Catch my drift? *winks like a loon*

Urgh, I feel dirty. A bad salesman through & through. Anyway, yes, there's some stuff in my shop that might be up your street this festive season. Maybe your aunt likes decapitated dogs? Maybe your granny is after for a great big screenprint for her wall? Maybe that guy you fancy likes coco-pops and a nice wee Gocco would finally get him under the mistletoe? Have a look and see if there's anything you like.

As a special winter incentive to the present buyers out there, I've decided to throw in a wee set of 4 badges with every order throughout December (while stocks last). How about that? Buy a gift for a friend, keep the badges for yourself! Or, do it the other way about! Or, keep it all for yourself! I don't mind! Here they are in a video:

I guess I should mention delivery dates... hmm. I'm not too sure on how the postal times work but glancing around at other online shops, I'll try my damnedest to get stuff to you before Christmas if you order within these dates:

UK: Monday 20 December

Western Europe: Monday 13 december

Eastern Europe, Usa & Canada: Thursday 9 December

South/Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle east, Asia, Far East (inc. Japan), Australia & New Zealand: Monday 6 December.

(dates nicked outright from the fantastic hellojenuine - check out her wares too)

If that doesn't get you reaching for your wallet, nothing will. You can find my shop right here. Nah, honestly, have a good time this Christmas. Try not to stress - it's meant to be fun. Big thanks for having a look. I love you x