Winter Tips

It's damn cold in Glasgow. Damn cold. So cold I've had to improvise a Magic Mouse compatible glove. The whole city is covered in a frozen layer of ice and snow and people are terrified.

Some winter top tips:

1. Woolly Hats

Marks & Spencer are selling pretty decent turn-up beanies for a fiver. They are a good size and comfortable. I only mention this because I'm quite particular about my woolly hats - these are nice and plain with no adornments. Available in black and navy.

2. Transport
Both Scotrail and First Buses in Glasgow have a pretty good Twitter service. Transport is messed up right now and if you're in doubt about what's going where, send them a question and they'll get back to you surprisingly quickly. While they often get bad press, particularly in times of bad weather, I think they're both doing a good job with this (even if your train is cancelled).

Check them out here: @ScotRail / @FirstinGlasgow

3. Not Falling On Your Arse
When walking on slippery ground, LEAN FORWARD! Forward for Christ's sake. If you're gonna fall, it's better to take a little tumble that-a-way rather than cracking your bum/back/neck/head/wrists by near backflipping straight onto the ground.

4. Computer Games
You can connect an iPod to an Xbox! I know this isn't exactly a winter tip but I guess you might be cooped inside for a while playing games. Plug it in the USB at the front and you can either play music through the dashboard or via the Xbox button ingame pop-up menu thing. The Xbox totally recognises your iPod with all your playlists, genres and everything. Good eh? Turn off game music (sfx still work) and you're all set. Particularly nice if you've got decent speakers - slap on the visualiser and you've got a wee remote controlled mp3 soundsystem on the go.

For more exciting tips like these, follow me on Twitter: @davidgalletly. Stay warm friends!