Materialising Hills

This morning I woke up to on-and-off heavy snow showers and spent a good while running around with my camera taking little videos. I noticed that the hills in the distance (the Campsie Fells) would vanish and reappear really quickly whenever the clouds rolled by. The next time I spotted a hint of blue sky, I pointed the camera in their direction and hoped they'd materialise from the gloom.

I got lucky! If I'd started maybe 30 seconds earlier then the hills would have been completely invisible at the beginning of this clip. Ah well, nevermind. I took my first foray into the mysterious world of After-Effects to speed this clip up to double time - the original just took a little too long to expect anyone to sit through it. I like clicking back and forward to see how much the view changes in such a short space of time.

Music is 'King Creosote's Wineglass Symphony' from the album 'Concubine Rice' by Lone Pigeon.

Here comes December..