Remarket - Artist Talks


Tomorrow (Wednesday 17th December), a small group of artists, including myself, will be giving short talks about their work at the Remarket show on Gordon St. in Glasgow. Instead of PowerPoint, we'll be using the work on the walls to illustrate our (power) points.

I'm not great at these things but, with people like Kirsty Whiten, Jennifer Argo, Suzi Plunkett/ Little Dot Creations, Hannah Grace Ryan and Gabriella Marcella DiTano/ Risotto on board, it'll be worth coming along.

Best of all, Remarket have partnered with the Bier Halle across the street and there's gonna be a wee get-together afterwards for everyone in attendance. It's a chance to have a drink and to chat with the artists (or not, it's ok to chat to your pals instead). I've heard rumours of free pizza*.

The Facebook page, Remarket - Artist Talks, has some more info and lets you see who's coming along. Feel free to share, promote and pester.



REMARKET Artist Talks A series of short talks by Remarket artists including Kirsty Whiten, Jennifer Argo, David Galletly, Suzi Plunkett/ Little Dot Creations, Hannah Grace Ryan and Gabriella Marcella DiTano/ Risotto.

Wednesday 17th Nov, 6 - 8pm

RBS, 10 Gordon Street, Glasgow, G1 3PL

RSVP: All welcome. To attend, simply email with 'Glasgow Event' as the title.

After Party outside in the Bier Halle's heated Christmas tents for everyone who attends. 7 Gordon St. from 8pm.


* I don't wanna build up the free pizza thing too much in case there's no free pizza or not enough free pizza to go around. There is a chance of free pizza, though. Maybe even a good chance of free pizza. Come and get your free pizza.

Recoat: Art for Advent

Recoat's annual affordable art sale is set to open tomorrow at their gallery in Glasgow's West End (right near Kelvinbridge subway). As always, they assign each wall in the space a different price value (£25, £50, £75, £100) and everything on said walls goes for said price. It's a great way to snag some cut-price art from some big names (and myself) in time for Christmas.

The show opens at 7pm on Friday the 14th December with a wee shindig (free drink - all welcome) and runs until the 23rd. More info / a wee nosey at who's going can be found on the Art for Advent Facebook page. Details:

Art for Advent
Cut-price Christmas exhibition

Runs: 15th - 23rd December 2012
Opening party: Friday 14th December 7-10pm

Recoat Gallery
323 North Woodside Road
Glasgow G20 6ND

Stop by if you can. Everyone's really nice and friendly and you might just find yourself a unique gift or two. The opening in particular is worth a look if you want a bargain (stuff sells fast). Say hello.

Double Dip Christmas Show at Recoat

Double Dip Flyer

I’m happy to announce that for maybe the 5th year running I will be participating in the Recoat Christmas show Double Dip in the West End of Glasgow. Super chuffed to be asked.

As always, Amy and Ali invite a wide range of friends to exhibit work at a low, low price. Each wall of the gallery is assigned a price (£25, £50, £75, £100) and is crammed with amazing prints, originals and other goodness. It’s perfect for seeking out a Christmas gift, snapping up a bargain or taking a first tentative step into the world of buying art.

Double Dip will feature an amazing selection of artists from Glasgow + beyond (including me) and is well worth checking out. The opening party on Friday 25th November is especially worth getting to if you can as stuff sells fast. All are welcome and a good number of those exhibiting will be in attendance if you’d like to say hello. Here’s a breakdown of the details:

Double Dip
Cut-price Christmas exhibition

Runs: 25th November - 23rd December 2011
Opening party: Friday 25th November 7-10pm

Recoat Gallery
323 North Woodside Road
Glasgow G20 6ND

Featuring the work of: Matt Mignanelli, Elph, David Galletly, Syrkus, Death Rattles, Eleanor Meredith, Inkie, Odra, Mark Lyken, Russell Dempster, Matt Naylor, Mike Inglis, Pure, FiST, Kath Leone and Will Barras, Tristram Aver, Susie Wright, Andrew Ingram, Al White, Chris MacFarlane

And that’s that. There’s an event page if you’d like to RSVP your attendance and, should you like to ‘like’ the gallery, you can do so on Recoat’s Facebook page. If you’ve never visited before, it’s a really nice wee space really near to the Kelvinbridge underground station. See you there hopefully.

Hair of The Dog at Mono, Glasgow

Hair of The Dog Web Flyer (white background)

In just under 2 weeks time I will be participating in a weekend of showing off at the wonderful cafe/bar/record shop that is Mono here in Glasgow. Jonnie Common is set to release Hair of The Dog, a full-length remix album that sees his fantastic debut Master of None set upon by a bunch of talented friends. To celebrate the launch there will be a number of certain things:

Thing number 1: The remix album will be released as a download code exclusively available on a limited-edition Gocco screenprint by myself. It features my Headless Dog drawing and will be available at the event and via the Red Deer Club webshop (p.s. you can head there now to pre-order the album should you wish to guarantee yourself a copy). It costs £5 and will be shipped from Monday 28th November. I will do a follow-up post with images of the Album soon. A print and an album for a fiver! Wait, what?

Thing number 2: Jonnie will also be unveiling a new interactive sound-installation that he’s made in collaboration with Zero Waste Design. Over the whole weekend (25th, 26th & 27th November), all visitors to Mono will be able to ‘mix’ Master of None in a wonderfully inventive way (trust me, it’s awesome). Nip in for lunch and a wee bit of lo-fi surround sound. I’ve had a wee sneak peak at what these guys are up to and I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Thing number 3: If that’s not all, I will be putting together a small exhibition of bits & bobs (drawings mainly, hairy ones) closely related to my work on Master of None. There will, hopefully, be some new work, large & small, as well as a few older pieces and, if I can figure out the logistics, a wall drawing or two. Remember, this will be a 3-day only show so if you fancy a look you won’t have long to stop in before it comes down.

Thing number 4: Finally, there will be a closing party on Sunday the 27th at 7:30pm featuring live music from Ben Butler & Mousepad, Dems and GRNR as well as a couple of DJ sets in between by Found and The Japanese War Effort. All these acts have contributed to Hair of The Dog by remixing a track of Jonnie’s music. Entry is £4. This’ll be the time to visit if you wanna catch everything at once. Not bad eh? Here are the summarised details:

Hair of The Dog
by Jonnie Common ft. David Galletly
Runs: Fri 25th - Sun 27th Nov
Mono, Glasgow
Free entry

Closing Party
ft: live music & DJs
Sunday 27th Nov
Mono, Glasgow

Please, please, please stop by if you can. It’ll be a weekend of food, drink, art and music. I’ve put some web-flyers and a blurb up on my site should you like to post them on your blog or your social network of choice. Any help in this way would be greatly appreciated as we’re getting to the full-on headless chicken stage and it’s becoming hard to stay on top of the internet stuff. If you’ve never been to Mono, it’s a really great little place and well worth a visit in its own right - good food, nice atmosphere, one of the best record shops in Glasgow.

Keep up to date via Twitter: @jonniecommon / @davidgalletly. As is the way nowadays, you can also visit the Hair of The Dog Facebook page for more info + some chatter. We’ll both be around Mono throughout the weekend too, so say hello.

Team Recoat

Four Four Two Flyer

I am very happy to announce my participation in a new project here in Glasgow. Recoat, the fantastic gallery in the West End have assembled a 10-strong team of artists and they only bloomin' went and asked me to join. Pretty swish, eh? I'm completely delighted and honoured to be involved because, honestly, the other 9 dudes and dudettes are way good. Waaaay good.

Team Recoat, as we are known, consists of: Al White, David Galletly, Death Rattles, Elph, Fist, Kirsty Whiten, Mark Lyken, RueFive, Susie Wright & Syrkus. I will try to get a post about everyone up here over the next few weeks. We will be working together on a variety of projects throughout the world over the next year.

To simultaneously launch the project and to celebrate their 4th birthday, Recoat have put on an exhibition of limited screenprints designed by each of the team members. Four Four Two opened on Friday the 12th of August and will run until the 4th of September. There are 10 prints going for £80 a pop including this effort, 'Submerge', by myself: 


The opening party was brilliant as always - the buffet at the Lansdowne afterwards was a particular highlight. Damn those onion rings were good. Damn, damn, damn. Big thanks to Amy and Ali for all their hard work in putting on the show, thinking up the project and for running one of the countries finest galleries. Love those guys.

Recoat Opening

Stop by the space to have a look or, if you can't visit in person, all of the gear is available in their online shop. The show also features an extra wee section full of other prints, drawings, paintings and things by the team - good if you're hyped on Scottish street art and want to pick up an original piece.

If that wasn't all, the Team Recoat prints will also be making their way down to Nottingham as part of the Nottingham Festival on Friday the 19nd August at the Lace Market Gallery. There will be live painting and talks and things too (I think). My details are a bit sketchy but go have a look if you can, especially when people are around. Seeing Elph paint live is something special. Me? I can't make it. Ach.

The details once more:

  • Recoat Gallery
  • 323 North Woodside Road
  • Glasgow, G20 6ND
  • Runs: 12/08/11 - 04/09/11
  • Lace Market Gallery
  • 25 Stoney Street
  • The Lace Market
  • Nottingham, NG1 1LP
  • Runs: 19/08/11 - 03/09/11

As this is a new blog, my readership is pretty low so any tweets, mentions, shout-outs, links, likes and reblogs will be very much appreciated as they will go a long way in promoting the work. Thank you and have a nice day x

July News


I have two or three pieces (depending on space) in the opening show of the Recoat Gallery in Glasgow. I've just got back from handing them over today and things there are looking good.

It's got work from a big mix of folks I know and folks I don't - high fives to real-life buddies Elph, Carrie and Gregor. The gallery is about a minute away from the Kelvinbridge underground station, right beside the Woodside Social Club.

The show will be featured in the Arts section of the Herald on Thursday, get your grubby mits on that. There is also some sort of podcast coming out that I'll link to when it's sorted out.

The opening shindig is on Friday 13th July from 7-10pm, sponsored by Sailor Jerry. You better be there if I know you. No boring excuses, get off your bum and find a way.



I've been playing about with some animation, will hopefully get that posted soon. Still working on my Running Amok for Analogue (it's 100% original content, give me a break). Maybe I could time it to come out at the same time as my solo show at Analogue, which I've not even mentioned yet. Also odds & ends & other junk.

I'll try to get back into the habit of updating here again. Got a little slow over the last couple months. Check out Rue Five's show in the Changing Room gallery window in Stirling.