July News


I have two or three pieces (depending on space) in the opening show of the Recoat Gallery in Glasgow. I've just got back from handing them over today and things there are looking good.

It's got work from a big mix of folks I know and folks I don't - high fives to real-life buddies Elph, Carrie and Gregor. The gallery is about a minute away from the Kelvinbridge underground station, right beside the Woodside Social Club.

The show will be featured in the Arts section of the Herald on Thursday, get your grubby mits on that. There is also some sort of podcast coming out that I'll link to when it's sorted out.

The opening shindig is on Friday 13th July from 7-10pm, sponsored by Sailor Jerry. You better be there if I know you. No boring excuses, get off your bum and find a way.



I've been playing about with some animation, will hopefully get that posted soon. Still working on my Running Amok for Analogue (it's 100% original content, give me a break). Maybe I could time it to come out at the same time as my solo show at Analogue, which I've not even mentioned yet. Also odds & ends & other junk.

I'll try to get back into the habit of updating here again. Got a little slow over the last couple months. Check out Rue Five's show in the Changing Room gallery window in Stirling.

Free Game Wednesday: Cyrkam Airtos

There are some pretty good free online games around that you might not know about. I'll try to give one props every Wednesday, my lasiest day.

First up: Cyrkam Airtos. A simple flash game, "Airtos" lets you sit in an office and chuck balls of paper into a bin. All the details, from the excellent physics to the bleepy soundtrack, add up to make this possibly the most entertaining timewaster around. This is a piece of fun.