A bike from memory

My art teacher at high school, the amazing Mr Carberry, used to assign his first year pupils the task of drawing a bike from memory. He'd give everyone a piece of paper and a pen and tell them they had 15 minutes to draw a bike. Go!

When the time was up, Mr Carberry would gather the class around his desk and flick through all the work. The drawings were, as you'd expect from a class of uninterested 13 year olds, all over the shop. Everyone would laugh as he pointed at the twisted frames, the mismatched wheels and the precarious saddles.

He'd then give us a brilliant wee demonstration on how, with a little thought, a bike will almost draw itself. "Well, you need two wheels, don't you?" he'd say, "and you'll need to be able to steer, so that must mean the handlebars are attached to the front wheel." With a quick few strokes, he'd explain that the pedals must be where your feet go, the seat must be where your bum goes, join them up and, bang, there's your bike.

It was a great little lesson that has stuck with me for well over 10 years now. It was interesting, funny and inspiring. It helped that Mr Carberry was a proper beret wearing, baldy headed, moustachioed, mad-as-hell art teacher too. There are a thousand more of his lessons that are worth mentioning, but this one just came to mind. Today I drew a bike that came out wonky and it took me right back to high school.

Che Camille: Mini Show

I've just taken my Bowl of Cornflakes through to Che Camille in Glasgow for a mini sculpture show that's set to open tomorrow. As well as my piece, there will be work by Gary Bolam, Cheryl Field, and Lewis Holleran on show. Excuse my blurb:

This month sees artwork by Gary Bolam, Cheryl Field, David Galletly and Lewis Holleran. Come join us on the 1st of August 7-9pm for the launch of both the jewellery and sculpture exhibitions. A glittered deer skull, mechanical creations, stone cornflakes, video works and narrative jewellery all await you. Our new artist books section will be making it’s first appearance in the showroom also. The exhibition will run until the end of the month.

Sounds pretty good eh? Che Camille itself is an awesome boutique / workshop / creative space. It's well worth a visit. Here are the deets:

Sculpture Show: Che Camille

Various artists


Show runs: 1st - 31st August

Opening Party: Saturday 1st August 7-9pm


Che Camille

Floor 6, Argyle Arcade,

Buchanan Street,

Glasgow, G2 8BD


Tel: 07862 720215

Email: camille@checamille.com

Stop by for the opening if you can. I think there will be all the usual music, drink and chitter chat. On a related note, there should be a little more Che Camille news from me in a few days.