The Cosmonaut Stylus

Cosmonaut Stylus

On the recommendation of Marco Arment (he's usually spot-on when it comes to product reviews), I've decided to give Studio Neat's Cosmonaut Stylus a try. It arrived this morning in a beautiful little box.

I've played around with it on my phone and, yeah, it's pretty good. It's well made, it's heavy (in a good way) and it works. I was on the lookout for a stylus for drawing with when I re-enter the world of tablets and I can already tell that this one'll work great on an iPad. On a phone, it's maybe a little chunky (if you're going for detail it definitely obscures exactly where you're drawing, but nowhere near how badly your finger does). Also, slightly more pressure than I'd expect is needed to register a tap - possibly because I'm being fairly ginger with it on the smaller screen. These are nitpicks though, on the whole the Cosmonaut is really nice to use and I'm looking forward to trying out some 'proper' drawings soon.

Draw Something

I'm not a massive fan of app-of-the-moment Draw Something. It's has loads of problems and if, like me, you've played a whole lotta iSketch over the years, it's kinda boring in comparison. Playing Draw Something using the Cosmonaut does improve things, however, and I'm gonna stick it out in the hope that the forthcoming update, at the very least, adds a frickin' undo button.

If you'd like a game, my username is davidgalletly.