I'm Selling an iPad 2

First off, let me apologise about the un-classy self-serving sales post. I will keep this short.

Like most of the world, I'm selling an iPad 2. It's a black, 32gb, wi-fi model in really good condition. It's the first ever thing I've sold on Ebay - hence this post. There you can see more photos and information. I even made a horrendous video of myself to accompany the auction to prove, as someone with no feedback, that I'm a real person.

If this is of interest, you can find it here. As a wee incentive / apology for clogging up your RSS with what is essentially a big advert - should someone buy this gizmo who reads my site, let me know and I'll chuck in a free print or something.

The auction ends tonight (Monday) at around 10pm and it can be picked up in Glasgow tomorrow if that's helpful.

Sorry x