The Kitchen Gallery

I've opened a small gallery called 'The Kitchen' in Shawlands, Glasgow. The first, currently untitled, show features work from a variety of different artists.

Above is a little preview video of the space. Right now access to you, 'the public', is severely restricted. I can't have any dirty beggar wandering in now, can I? Hmph, I should think not. Strictly for those in-the-know I'm afraid. Should you wish to exhibit here, please contact me and we'll see if we can come to some sort of arrangement.

The first show includes: A print by Sanna Dyker 'All Will Come Out In The Washing', a print by Gemma Correll, 'I Like It When We Share', untitled bunting by Christopher Bettig, an untitled drawing by Robert Hanson, a print 'Teacups' by Kate Sutton and a collaborative installation 'Washing Line' by Alex Horne and David Galletly.