Nine New Views

I know, I know, another video. Sorry. Well, should I apologise? I dunno. I presume most people who read this blog are mainly interested in drawings and not whatever boring crap I point my video camera at. Ennyyyway...

This is a short post to promote a slightly longer post over here. What it is, is a collaborative blog to accompany a collaborative group exhibition in Philadelphia in which I'm participating. The show, called the 'World's Fair' features work by a few artists from all over the shop - visit the blog to find out all the details. The video (kinda) makes sense when you see it in context.

I'll try to post some exclusive content up there over the coming weeks, if that's any incentive to subscribe. You probably need to be a bigger bigshot than me for 'exclusive content' to mean anything but hey, read it anyway.

Oh yeah, the track used is 'Looks Like A Sunrise' by Billy Pilgrim on Fence.