Oh no, I played some computer games!

I've been playing a couple of my favourite games again recently and thought I'd give them mad props. They're not totally rare or anything but as far as computer games go they're pretty much the tastiest dishes by the best chefs and served by the politest waiters. If you've not done nothing but shooting or racing for a while then get your grubby mits on these.

Shadow of the Colossus was out last year maybe. It's a sad, stripped down, silent affairthat'll blow you away. It's the gaming equivalent of the elephant at the zoo being put to sleep because it's too old and it's for the best.

I'm not gonna start a gaming blog here so I wont go into mad detail but damn, just buy the thing. The character design is some of the best I've ever seen and it's got more atmosphere and depth in its slight story than any corny RPG epic.


ICO, made by the same folk a few years back is a related game and maybe my favourite ever. Again, it's all vague and atmospheric and seems to come from a very different place from every other game cutting about.

You play a boy who escapes from being left as a sacrifice in a massive castle and all you've got to do is find a way out. Along the way you meet a girl and pretty much just move from puzzle to puzzle trying to keep her safe. It's ruddy-bloody brilliant.

Both games are out on PS2 and ICO is even a re-release that you can get for like £20. Get the nice box for Shadow of the Colossus with the postcards and such. You can get the first edition of ICO on ebay maybe but it's cost you a pretty penny.