Gimmie Five

Ok, hello! A small post today to get me back into writing this.

I've got to finish off a bunch of things such as tidying and finances before I can sit down to draw, so nothing new today. It's annoying because there are about 3 fairly important drawingy things coming up and I've not got the foggiest what I'm gonna do. Not the foggiest.

This is a picture I did for the "Complete Control" exhibition at Flesh in Edinburgh. My friend Concetta bought it which was really nice. It's called "Gimmie Five".

I had the idea to do a few more of these playing other games such as "Slappy" or "Knuckly" but I never really got round to it. The Flesh exhibition was really good with stuff from Elph, Rue Five, Gopherhead and all that crowd. I hope they put on more in the future. My favourite thing was by Alexa Cameron but goddamn it was huge and expensive so I didn't buy it.