The Last Pub Quiz

TODAY (Sunday 23rd September) sees the last ever Nicky-Tams Pub Quiz to be hosted by myself and my good friend Stuart. Old time regular host JC may also make an appearance.

If you are in, or can can make it to Stirling at around 8.30 / 9pm, stop by Nicky-Tams Bar & Bothy on Baker Street. We'll be playing the best music in town, hosting the quiz (general knowledge / name-that-tune / picture rounds) and giving away prizes.

Between Stuart, John, Hammy and myself, we've attended or hosted the quiz EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY for YEARS and YEARS and, honestly, I'm really sad to say goodbye to the stupid bloody thing. I'll do a proper little post about it soon.

Please say hello and spread the word, especially to any old regulars. Ta.