Guilty Pleasures Podcast

I did a podcast.

A week or so ago I had a wee Twitter conversation with Philip Larkin about his appearance on the Guilty Pleasures Podcast. Shortly afterwards, Stuart Tompsun (the host) got in touch to ask if I'd like to record an episode. I would like to record an episode, thanks very much.

You can listen to it via the embedded Soundcloud player above, on the Guilty Pleasures Soundcloud page itself or, best of all, by adding it to your podcast app of choice via searching or on iTunes.

While I'm not particularly pleased with my performance (I didn't hold the mic properly, I ramble, my voice is torturous), I am proud that I was brave enough to have a go. I listen to a lot of podcasts and kinda felt like I had to, I dunno, live up to something rather than just have a chat.

Anyway, that's by-the-by. Though I don't care about what I have to say, you might. And if you do, you'll maybe be looking for more information on the stuff we talked about. Not being one to let an opportunity for painstakingly gathering links pass me by, here are extensive show notes from episode 10 of the Guilty Pleasures Podcast:

Our Stuff



Muppets & Puppets



Think that's all of them.

Guilty Pleasures is a great wee podcast - Stuart does a brilliant job at getting his guests to open up. As a good starting point, have a listen to this week’s episode with David Ferguson (aka Swatpaz). He's less painful than me.

Saying that, now that I've taken my first step, I'm tempted to have a go at making a podcast of my own. It'd probably be good for my growing inability to talk to other people. Would anyone out there listen (if I got better at it)?


Cheers Stuart for having me on.

Alone at IKEA


I've cycled to IKEA to size up some bits & pieces for a job. Since it's dinnertime, I'm eating my dinner. Since it's IKEA, I'm eating meatballs.

Eating alone at IKEA is quite nice. Like a big coffee shop. I could sit here all day using the free WIFI and I don't imagine anyone would bother. It's a bit lonely, though.

This photo is my meatballs flipped and arranged using the new Layout app from Instagram. I've never posted anything to my blog from my phone before but I liked how this turned out so I thought I'd give it a go.

Vote Rozi!

Rozi Plain's brilliant new single Actually is part of this week's BBC Radio 6 Music Rebel Playlist. The track with the most votes at the end of the week secures a regular airplay on the station.

As part of team Lost Map, I'd appreciate it if you could vote for Rozi. We're a small, truly independent record label (we fit round a small pub table) and radio play really does wonders for the artists and for everyone working hard behind the scenes.

Here's the link. No registration or nothin' else needed, just a click: BBC 6 Music Rebel Playlist - Vote Now


Remarket - Artist Talks


Tomorrow (Wednesday 17th December), a small group of artists, including myself, will be giving short talks about their work at the Remarket show on Gordon St. in Glasgow. Instead of PowerPoint, we'll be using the work on the walls to illustrate our (power) points.

I'm not great at these things but, with people like Kirsty Whiten, Jennifer Argo, Suzi Plunkett/ Little Dot Creations, Hannah Grace Ryan and Gabriella Marcella DiTano/ Risotto on board, it'll be worth coming along.

Best of all, Remarket have partnered with the Bier Halle across the street and there's gonna be a wee get-together afterwards for everyone in attendance. It's a chance to have a drink and to chat with the artists (or not, it's ok to chat to your pals instead). I've heard rumours of free pizza*.

The Facebook page, Remarket - Artist Talks, has some more info and lets you see who's coming along. Feel free to share, promote and pester.



REMARKET Artist Talks A series of short talks by Remarket artists including Kirsty Whiten, Jennifer Argo, David Galletly, Suzi Plunkett/ Little Dot Creations, Hannah Grace Ryan and Gabriella Marcella DiTano/ Risotto.

Wednesday 17th Nov, 6 - 8pm

RBS, 10 Gordon Street, Glasgow, G1 3PL

RSVP: All welcome. To attend, simply email with 'Glasgow Event' as the title.

After Party outside in the Bier Halle's heated Christmas tents for everyone who attends. 7 Gordon St. from 8pm.


* I don't wanna build up the free pizza thing too much in case there's no free pizza or not enough free pizza to go around. There is a chance of free pizza, though. Maybe even a good chance of free pizza. Come and get your free pizza.