The Dancing Lion, An Animation for Pringle 1815

As an accompaniment to the ad campaign I illustrated for Pringle 1815, I was asked to produce a short cartoon about my redesigned Pringle Lion character. What's his story? Why is he in Japan? He likes to dance and wants an audience, of course.

In the past, any animation I've dabbled with has been very short and very simple so the prospect of putting together any kind of narrative was pretty daunting (I told Pringle this, they didn't mind). I made some decisions - no voices, no other characters, no complicated camera angles - and set to work on a storyboard.

When I had a daft wee story sketched out, I sent it over to Jonnie Common to ask if he'd be up for helping out with the music and sound effects. He was. We sent lots of ideas back and forth and slowly shaped the final animation and final soundtrack simultaneously. Cheers Jonnie.

The whole cartoon was drawn by myself in a couple of weeks (made up of long, long days) in December and I'm happy to be sharing it now.