At the end of September we went to Paris for a week. It was a belated honeymoon of sorts (technically honeymoon pt.2 as we took a wee trip to Jersey immediately after the wedding to relax). While there, I shot some little clips with my point-&-shoot and edited them together into a video.

It was the best.


This is just a little video made from the few odds & ends I shot while I was away in Blackpool. Nothing particularly amazing but I felt if I didn't edit these clips together, they'd just sit on my computer and never get looked at.

I filmed these on the new still camera that Alex got me for my birthday (a Nikon Coolpix s8000 - I almost bought Alex one for her birthday last month but got her a bike instead). The quality isn't quite up to my other camcorder videos, but a wee compact still camera shooting HD is pretty awesome. Click it up to 720p to make it a little easier on the eyes. Youtube should really have the option to let the uploader chose the default resolution.

Blackpool was, of course, tacky, funny, nostalgic, scary and weird but that's why you go. The photos I put on Flickr probably show it off a little better but, as I say, I had to do something with the video clips. A good holiday.