David Thorne: 10 Formal Complaints

David Thorne Formal Complaint

I don't think these are particularly obscure (I discovered them today via the 'explore feature in Google Reader), but l'd like to share them here anyway because they're so brilliant.

David Thorne has posted Ten Formal Complaints In Six Months that his co-worker Simon Dempsey has made about him in their office. In them, Thorne is revealed to have a flair for antagonism that brings to mind Tim and Gareth's micro-feuds in The Office mixed with a little Reeves & Mortimer surrealism ('researching wasps' is genius).

David Thorne Complaint 2

I think I've seen a few odds & ends of David Thorne's other work over the years, but this 'piece', (if you could call it that) has motivated me to dig a little deeper as, on the whole, I don't know much about him. Think I might pick up his new book.

The images I've posted are probably my two favourites but have a nosey at all ten and a bunch more silly, funny stuff on David's website, www.27bslash6.com.