Red Neck Zine

I have made a new zine! It's called Red Neck. For a while now I've been mentioning that I've been playing around with making something like this and a couple of weeks ago, with the incentive of the Dundee Jamboree, I finally put it together.

Red Neck is a 28 page zine full of new drawings (all drawn in a 4-day marathon). I set out just to have fun making weird death & destruction pictures, the kind the crazy kid in your class might doodle in his schoolbooks. The end result, as you can imagine, is a little bit grisly but, I dunno, maybe kinda funny?

As an added thing, I knew I wanted to do a little bit of hand-colouring so 17 of the pages have red ink details. This was way more time consuming than I guessed it would be but hey, it means every single copy is unique and has a bit of a different look compared to the usual b&w zine style.

I don't want to post too many of the drawings yet as it kinda ruins the surprise a bit but I'll gradually put up a selection over the next couple of weeks. There are a few full-on patterny pages, some severed limbs, some skulls, some fire and a lot of blood. It's lovely though.

Of course, Red Neck is now available in my online shop. You can pick up your unique copy for the low, low price of £7. Man, I'm a bad salesman. Just have a look and see. Also, if anyone would like to stock a few copies in their shop etc. or needs any further info, contact me and we can sort something out.

I'm really hyped up for doing another zine soon, I've already got a few ideas in mind. Hopefully without the pressure of an immediate deadline I can really focus on doing something quite elaborate. Full colour? Huge? Tiny? Eh, maybe. Stay tuned. I'll also be putting up some new prints and things this week so subscribe if you haven't already for news on that (please).

So yeah, that's Red Neck. Available now. Thanks to Stuart for help at the print place and thanks to the Dundee Jamboree for providing the motivation to put it together. Here are the full details:

Red Neck
by David Galletly

A5 zine
28 pages
b&w print with hand-coloured elements
Edition of 100
Signed and numbered

Available here.

Work examples

I've decided to write a few things about previous bits and pieces I've done, so there are examples of my work up and about before I finish my website. I'll also link to these posts in the sidebar so they're easier to find amongst my usual daily stuff. I'll start with the stuff I did for "Rouge" at Flesh in Edinburgh (the above post).

Blog News


I've decided to start using this place again because I need to put some stuff online and I like blogger - it's pretty slick. Instead of starting a new blog from scratch I've just deleted and editied a few terrible posts from this one. It'll hopefully start looking a little nicer when I work out the html junk and I'll eventually twin it with my new website when it goes online.

As far as content goes it'll be a combination of what I'm working on and what I'm looking at.

Cheerio x