What I Wore Today: Skateboarding

What I Wore Today If you don't know, What I Wore Today (drawings only) is a Flickr group started by Gemma Correll that encourages people to regularly draw self-portraits wearing, well, whatever you're wearing. It results in a nice mixture of both drawing and fashion styles.

My outfit choices are worryingly repetitive so I usually try to add a wee activity in there too. This drawing is from a few days ago on a visit to my parent's house - it was the first time it had been dry enough to go to the skatepark in 6 months. I grabbed my board and nipped round for a wheech about. I was a wobbly old man. My legs are still sore.

Also, I've recently started a What I Wore Today section on my site where I'll try to archive all of these daft things.