Guy Fawkes Night

I loved the view from our flat when we first moved to Glasgow. That winter (2010) was particularly beautiful. Then, for a little while, I hated it. In the distance I could see the building I worked in and I'd know that, after a miserable cycle, I'd be over there, sitting at a desk in a job I hated. Whenever I looked out, that's all I'd think about.

Now that I work from home, I love the view again. On a clear day you can see all the way to the Campsies. If I want to (and don't have a mountain of work to wade through), I can pick a place and go there. My old workplace no longer taunts me, seeing it makes me smile. I even cycle my old commute when I need some exercise - it's a really nice route.

Tonight is the 5th of November and the air is filled with fireworks. While the above video isn't the most spectacular in the world (my camera isn't great in the dark), it sums up fairly well the pops, bangs, fizzes and whizzes that've peppered the 2 or 3 miles between my window and my old desk.

Happy Guy Fawkes Night.