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For the past couple of days I've been playing with my website. I've now finished (for the time being). My blog is now successfully powered by the fantastic Squarespace. I figured that, after a good few years of using free services (Blogger and more recently Tumblr), I needed something a little more substantial. I can now properly manage my content and... comments are back!

To any visitors, I guess not much has changed. That's a good thing. I've spent an afternoon moving posts over to my new space and setting up a bunch of 301s to make sure all links point where they should. I'm no expert but, hopefully, the transition was pretty seamless.

For subscribers, you might have been bombarded with a bunch of old content today. I apologise if that was the case. The worst of it is now over. My understanding of RSS etc. is pretty limited, but I've tried to make sure I lost as few people as possible in the switch. Should you be an existing subscriber, or a new visitor wishing to subscribe, my Feedburner feed is the one to use. That'll make sure you stay with me wherever I go.

I've a post in the works about my reasons for switching that, once I've finished off a little work, should appear soon. In the meantime, here's to another year of posting rubbish.