For the past year I've been using Instagram, the photo filtering / sharing app. I really like it. I know, I know - making digial pictures look all retro and analogue is cheesy. But, guess what? It's kinda fun. You can be pretty subtle and at least they don't force you to use the faux-Polaroid borders anymore.

Anyway, 'til now, the only person I followed or (allowed to follow myself) was Alex. We had a private photostream (nothing saucy, honest) that only the other could see. It was a pretty cool thing - if Alex was away somewhere, I'd occasionally get a text saying 'check instagram' and I'd know to take a look at whatever she'd found on her travels.

The other day though, disaster struck. Alex accidentally made her stream public and was followed by some people she knew. What do we do?! A first-world problem. Should she block her new friends and go back to how things were before? Maybe. Should she keep her stream public? Maybe. If she did that though, should I keep my stream private? Could I remain monogamous with a polygamist?. I'd feel like a chump. The resolution was to both 'go public' on Instagram and set up a new, private account to keep our silly little world of daft faces and in-jokes alive.

So, should you want to, you can now follow me on Instagram. Just add me as davidgalletly.

My photos range from interesting-ish (like the photo above) to very, very dull. I guess that's true of most people. Maybe with audience of 2+, I'll put a little more effort in. Maybe I'll freak out and delete everyone. Welcome to the future David, it looks like 1978.