Gocco Printing This evening I spent a little time putting together a Gocco screenprint for an upcoming project with Jonnie Common. I can't show too much the now but I think it'll be a nice wee thing. Gocco printing, and I guess screenprinting in general, turns you into a little one-man production line. It's completely satisfying - probably because there's no denying that you're being productive. You literally produce stuff. Rows and rows of prints appear before you where once there was nothing. It's great. If Gocco consumables weren't so damn hard to come by I'd make one of these things every week. A UK supplier would get so much business it's scary. Keep your potatoes skinned here or on JC's site for more info in the next week or so (obvious hint: it's a combined music & artwork package). For an early heads up, you can either follow Jonnie or follow me on Twitter.