Secret Store: Death Compass T-Shirt

Here's a thing. The very new and very awesome Secret Store have a super limited-edition t-shirt out with my Death Compass drawing on it. Finally, something to cover your nakedness! Available in sizes for small, medium and large people, the t-shirts are hand printed on organic cotton in a run of 100. Imagine how excited you'd be were you to bump into someone wearing the same shirt. You'd point and be like 'hey!' and the other person would point and be like 'hey!' right back at you.

Alongside my design, there are shirts by Mesh137, Gareth Roberts, Keaton Henson and Isobel Kho. There is also a nifty Secret Store design to show your love / look cool / cover aforementioned naked body. Head on over to their website, take a gander and perhaps pick something up. Secret Store are also looking for up-and-coming talent to design their next range, so get in touch with them if you've got an idea.

I will send a little set of badges free of charge to anyone pictured wearing my shirt because I'd be st-st-stoked to see it out there in the world. Aaaannd if I bump into you on the street wearing one (looking at you Glasgow), I'll give you a print or a wee drawing or something.

Big thanks to Chris for his help. Get well soon dude.