100 Tuesdays

Close to two years ago I asked Alex to go out for dinner with me on a Tuesday night in Glasgow. She said yes. It went well, we had a good night, so I asked her out again. The best day for both of us, by chance, was the following Tuesday. Another restaurant, another good night. I was feeling pretty smooth! The next again Tuesday also found us out in a restaurant eating a meal - a pattern! - and there and then we made the decision to try to go out to eat every Tuesday from then on.

Today is the 100th Tuesday from that night. We're still going. I have seen Alex every single Tuesday since our first date. Not bad considering we don't yet live together. If I were to guess, I'd say we'd made it out to a restaurant, cafe or bar on 90 days out of those 100. We've maybe had 5 take-aways and bought in food to cook or had a picnic on the remaining 5. There have been no real hurdles, problems or mishaps. Actually, a schedule clash sometimes makes for the best nights - my Newcastle trip was purely to avoid missing a Tuesday.

How's it been? It's been great. We've eaten some really nice food in some really nice places. We used to joke about how we turned Tuesday (the most boring day) into the best night of the week. I guess it was expensive at first, but we learned to tone things down pretty well. We've learned where to get a good deal if we're tight for cash. I only wish I'd kept a diary or something so I could remember more specifics, but I make enough bloody lists.

You could say this is our 'date-night' but I dunno, that implies all sorts of things about trying to keep the magic in a relationship and spending some quality time together - things we don't particularly need to work on. We're doing fine. This is more like a joke that got out of control (in a good way) or a weird game. I'm just happy I've never had a slap or a glass of wine pored over my head. Nobody's gotten food poisoning and we've never even argued. I've probably moaned a bit, but I do that all the time. Alex has been great.

So tonight, Tuesday 100 (Alex and her friends call them 'Dave Tuesdays', but I ain't about to get into that), we're going to one of our favourite places. Wilawan in Stirling. A place I'll full heartedly recommend if you ever find yourself nearby and fancy some Thai food - the best place to eat in town, by a mile. Pro tip: it's all about the starters in that place. Damn.

As for the future, who knows? We're planning our move to our own place soon which might change things up a little. Maybe not. There's no sign of stopping anyway. 100 became a goal to aim for a while back and I'm very happy to have reached it today. What's for tea?