SOTW3: I Believe In You

My Song of The Week choice this week is maybe a bit of a departure as it's heading off into the spangly world of pop. Not that there's anything wrong with that. If there's one thing I wont do while building this ongoing playlist, it's aim for some kind of cool points. The 17 year old me would probably turn a snooty nose up to a Kylie tune, but what does he know? That's right, nothing. He's an idiot.

I Believe In You by Kylie Minogue (iTunes) has, for some reason or other, an almost unique place on my iPod. It falls into a strange "I will never skip this song" category that I can't really apply to anything else. I think it's completely brills. A little investigation tells me it's a collaboration with the Scissor Sisters, which might explain something. I reckon it's better than anything they've done though.

BEST BIT: 2:07 - the chant after it all breaks down a bit, that and the bugabugabuga synthy bass.

I also recommend Slow as a similarly great slice of electronic pop pie from the same era. Good lying-on-the-floor choreography in the video too. Well done Kylie.