Trapped in Amber artwork by David Galletly

Jonnie Common: Trapped in Amber

Jonnie Common's second solo album, Trapped in Amber is an amazing piece of work. Jonnie asked me to illustrate the sleeve.

I've worked with Jonnie a number of times over the years and it's always been a fun process - he comes at you with loads of ideas and feedback. With Trapped in Amber, we threw stuff back and forth for a while before settling on the fine linework and bold orange approach seen here.

The record is available on vinyl, CD and download from Song, by Toad records. It's my favourite album of 2014 and there's a pretty good chance it'll be yours too. Support independent music!

Big thanks to Jonnie, the Save As Collective and Song, by Toad.


Shark, the first track released, takes an existential spin around the garden on a lawnmower and provides the line to shout at gigs. What line?

It's a secret.



Crumbs is the second single from Trapped in Amber. It's the most uplifting song about looking inward and comparing your life to that of a Roman gladiator-in-training fighting porcupines ever written.

The whole bird's nest in a shoebox section is a delight - a perfect combination of lyrics and delivery that show off just how damn good Jonnie is.


Looping Animation

...aaannnd for the Trapped in Amber launch gigs, I put together a looping animation that was projected onstage behind Jonnie and Peter (drums) as they played.

The above gif shows a little 6-second slice of the animation. In the full piece, the twig bobs about randomly for a minute or so. There's a plan in place to add a proper start and end. When it's finished, I'll add it here.