John Siracusa Paper Doll

Fan art, I guess

On episode 14 of Reconcilable Differences, a podcast hosted by John Siracusa and Merlin Mann (that I've fanned-out on before), Merlin asked the audience to create a paper doll of John Siracusa to allow for a virtual makeover. I figured I'd give it a go.

My paper doll exists as a layered Photoshop file. You can create outfits by turning different items of clothing on and off in the layers panel. In an ideal world it'd be some kind of drag and drop app but since I can't code for toffee, this'll have to do.


I've written a blog post that goes into a little more detail about the creation process (and includes a natty animated gif). I'll probably draw some more clothes and things at some point but feel free to go crazy with it yourself.

Give me a shout on Twitter (@davidgalletly) with any suggestions / feedback.

UPDATE 25/11/15: Casey, Marco and John talked about the paper doll at the very start of episode 145 of ATP (which is probably why you're here). Hello from Glasgow, thanks for visiting.