Fergi's Stagg | 16th - 18th March 2017



I was hoping you would all be up for a 2 nighter so we can all travel on the Friday evening after work, meet up and have a few quiet beers. This would make Saturday a bit more relaxing as there would be no travel, checking in, finding our bearings etc.

So I’ve concentrated on Dundee as the destination, it’s meant to be a great night out and can be easily accessed by public transport or car. For £86 per head we can get 2 nights (3 guys to a room no breakfast) in the central Travelodge, 32 laps of go karting with podium ceremony and 1hr laser tag game.


Please send £86 to Chris (bank details in WhatsApp) for accommodation as soon as possible to avoid paying higher rates.

  • Aldo: £86
  • Ali: £86
  • Chris: £86
  • Darren: £86
  • Dave: £86
  • Eric: £86
  • Ewan: £86
  • Frank: £86
  • Kenny: £86
  • Matt: £86
  • Paul: £86
  • Simon: £86
  • Steven: £86