Songs for Someone New

The sound tracks available on this page capture and celebrate the relationships forged between parents and their unborn babies through talking, playing music and responding to their movements.
The main audio piece above, Songs for Someone New, blends the stories and voices of local mothers and fathers with specially commissioned songs inspired by their experiences.

The three songs can be streamed or downloaded individually below and are ideal for playing or singing to your baby before and after its birth. It has been shown that children remember songs or music they hear in the womb, and these familiar sounds can be useful for settling them once born.

We hope you’ll find it inspiring:


Tuning in to Your Baby

As your baby grows in the womb, its senses develop in preparation for its life after birth. From around 24 weeks, a baby in the womb can hear, and this hearing gets more sensitive with every passing week. What it hears mostly is the sound of its mother’s body, the beat of her heart, the blood whooshing in the veins, her voice. It can also hear the world outside her body – the voices of those nearby, music, laughter or loud noises.
Talking to your unborn child is a great way to start forming bonds – not only the mother, but the father and friends and family members can begin a relationship with the baby in this way. Being aware of your baby’s movements, its patterns of activity and sleeping, is vital knowledge. Tune in to your baby regularly. You can read more about this here (link to ACTIVE info, or whatever page gives the most information on fetal monitoring)


Songs for Someone New is a collaboration between sound artist Mark Vernon, writer Nicola White and composer Bill Wells. Music performed by the National Jazz Trio of Scotland (Aby Vulliamy, Kate Sugden, Bill Wells and Gerard Black)
Thanks to the staff and patients of the Women and Children’s Unit at Forth Valley Royal Hospital and members of the Young Parents Group, Camelon Local Learning Centre.