Songs for Someone New

Here are some rough examples of my proposed artwork for the Songs for Someone New project. The images on this page are designed to give an initial impression of the look and feel of the webpage and print materials - final artwork will be to a higher standard with more detail and movement.

The above banner shows some of the basic concepts - colourful and welcoming patterns with hand-drawn text. Everything should feel fresh and friendly without being too cutesy or mawkish. Movement makes the page feel 'alive' and elements grow / drawn / appear onto the screen suggesting newness.

CD Packaging

The CD packaging is an opportunity to be playful with layout - all-over prints look nice and bold, and should hopefully stand apart from much of the other materials given to expectant mothers.


CD Artwork

Here I've shown how the patterns can be changed further with the addition of some curved lines. This makes the artwork feel friendlier still (I'll probably carry these throughout other elements).

The patterns are flexible to allow for easy placement of any logos, credits and copy or, as with the artwork here, can be intriguing on their own.



Titles can also be multi-coloured. Animation is used to give some personality to the artwork and allows the text to 'draw' itself. This would work particularly well as the introduction to a video or presentation.


Spot Illustrations

Spot illustrations can be used throughout web and print materials. They can be abstract, as with the design here, or more narrative - clouds, birds, silhouettes, hearts / heartbeats, houses, castles, landscapes and constellations could work really well.


NHS Webpage

The above image gives a quick impression of how the artwork may look on the NHS website. David has let me know that animation is possible, along with slideshows and moving banners. 

Keeping the artwork fairly abstract should help to support the audio without distracting from it - the goal is to create atmosphere rather than to provide a narrative.