Dandelion Animation

Adding movement to the 'dandelion' motif to create an endless loop that could work as the key image or as smaller spot illustrations. Starts and ends with a fade but could be combined with the more lively growing / transforming style of animation shown below - eg. ripples of water might disperse and form hypnotic dandelions which 'blow' apart to form sound waves. 

(if video quality if poor, set to 1080 from the little settings icon at the bottom of the video)


Songs for Someone New - Line Animation 

An animation illustrating more organic linework that grows and disperses. Maybe suggesting sound waves / water / dandelion seeds etc. This test version only uses one colour, but it's easy to imagine this working with the full colour palette - things combining and interacting in a relaxing (hypnotic?) loop.



Spot Illustrations

Spot illustrations can be used throughout web and print materials. They can be abstract, as with the design here, or more narrative - clouds, birds, silhouettes, hearts / heartbeats, houses, castles, landscapes and constellations could work really well.


As well as growing / combining, shapes and patterns can also 'draw' themselves. Through combinations of all of the techniques on this page, a fluid and engaging collection of artwork should come together nicely.

The circles here are a wee bit too reminiscent of the Commonwealth Games logo - I'll make sure to avoid that in finals. 




Without the energy provided by animation, print artwork it should be detailed and delicate to avoid looking too simple.

Next Step

The animations on this page is still quite rough - final artwork should be smoother, slower and a more subtile in its movement as well as more finely detailed.

If you could let me any thoughts, I reckon it might be worth working on a few of the smaller final illustrations / animations that will both help inform the bigger pieces (banners / CD cover) as well as provide us with a start on the artwork that'll actually appear on the website and in print.