Alex & Rich: Live Drawing

Hello! This is a short page to outline some bits and pieces regarding illustration work for your wedding on the 1st of October 2016! There are two options really, both should result in more-or-less the same artwork but differ slightly in the approach.

Option 1: Live Drawing

The first option is for me to draw the large illustration on-site on the day. This is very visual and a good talking point for guests. I'm happy to chat with people how I work (or act the stern, silent artist, whichever you prefer).

For this option to work best, I'll sketch out some elements in pencil before I arrive. Doing this will help in a couple of ways - it means that I can develop a strong composition for the artwork and it means that I'll be able to start drawing with pens much sooner than if I were to start with a completely blank page.

On the day, I'll take as many photos as I can and will load them up onto my iPad for reference throughout the drawing.

I can be around for as short or as long a time as you like. I can aim to completely finish on the day (which would likely have me there into the evening) or I can be on site for a shorter period and finish the drawing off back at my studio.

Price: £600 (breakdown: 1 day prep, 1 day on-site and some time for finishing details)

Option 2: Photos & Sketches

The second option would be more akin to what I've done at Cameron House before. I'd be on-site for a few hours during the day to take photos, notes and sketches. These would let me put together the final artwork for you in the following weeks.

While this option is less exciting on the day, it offers the advantages of being a little cheaper (less preparation, less pressure!) and can result in a more polished illustration as I can take my time with things and make changes as I go.

Price: £400 (breakdown: 1/2 day on-site, 1 day creating artwork)

The Illustration! 

I've included a few examples of some previous large-scale work at the very top of the page in case anything grabs your eye. I'd be happy to draw something a little less figurative (eg. a patterned tree with words & phrases related to the day hidden in the linework).

Saying that, I think you're right on the money with the giants idea. You guys dancing above Cameron House with the seaplane flying in the background, the landscape surrounding you and some details from the day / the theme / your history hidden around you will work really well.


I agree that 16 x 20 is about as small as we'd want to go. I'll have a play around with some ideas but I reckon the best results'd be around 40 x 30ish. It's really a case of balancing speed and size:

The smaller the drawing, the quicker I can fit in lots of detail / the larger the drawing, the more impactfull it'll be on the day.

The size is also pretty important when it comes to hanging the artwork in your home once the wedding is over. A smaller, more polished drawing probably makes for a more desirable momento but leave it with me and I'll work out the best balance.

Materials & Colour

I'll work on high quality white card which I can mount on a wall or an easel during the day. The card can easily be transported and framed.

I tend to work predominatnly in black and white using a variety of pens. A secondary colour might be nice for small details. Keeping the colour palette minimal will help the artwork look really clean, cohesive and strong.

I can also do weird things like draw directly on walls / objects but I'm guessing Cameron House wouldn't be over the moon with this.

Anything else?

If you have any other wee in-jokes, memories or mementos from your time together that might be nice to include, let me know.

Also if you have any preferences in terms of my dress code, that's fine too.

I can arrive at any time during the day and I'm happy to be as visible / invisible as you like.


I can set up a simple payment system through my website. I'd prefer to receive a 25% deposit ahead of time and the remaining 75% on delivery of the final artwork.

I'd like to stress that I'm happy to be flexible with every part of this project from content to price. This sounds like a really fun project and, because it's a newish process for me, I don't have hard-and-fast rates in place while I learn.